Nikon D90 holds its own in high iso in the gym =]

Started Jan 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP AnthonyPK Regular Member • Posts: 382
Re: Nikon D90 holds its own in high iso in the gym =]

Not suprisig, just refreshing. And alot on the forums nowadays revolve around the D7000 and high iso camera capabilities. I thoughtit would be nice to share something good about the D90 as not many threads stray away from D7000. Its true alot of people (Not myself) have been shown how great at noise the D7000 is that it seems any older camera will fail! But this thread isnt about the D7000 and i hope this answer was a clear one =]. hope you enjoyed the images and hope others can use this material as a factor when deciding what camera to buy and whats worth it for their own needs

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