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From a photographers perspective, remember DOF

DOF, is Depth of Field

There are many aspects of a photo. One of those is Depth of Field .

The three variables that affect DOF are:

  • Focal length

  • Aperture

  • Distance to your subject

DOF is that part of your photo where the focus is relatively sharp throughout. Don't confuse this with the other aspect, quality of the background blurriness, referred to as Bokeh.

The easiest was to increase the DOF with your subject would be to use a narrower aperture like f/5.6 of f/6.3, and to take a step back.

I would also focus of the closest aspect of your subject rather than the part of the subject that's towards the rear. For instance, if you were taking a portrait, you wouldn't focus on the persons ears, but rather on the eyes.

Here's a DOF calculator you might find interesting.

Also, here's a real quickie example I did. The only variable of the three above that I changed in this example was the aperture: f/14 (narrow), f/2.8 (wide)

Aperture f/14, focal length 100mm, focus distance was about 12"

Aperture f/2.8, focal length 100mm, focus distance was the same, about 12"

Hope this helps some with your future snaps of your precious little Gremlins!!!!

Best Regards, Mike

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