Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

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Re: Question for ZoranC about micro-4/3

ZoranC wrote:

Can anything be done to to flatten or roll-off highlight contrast in the Olympus models?

I do not follow DCresource so I am not aware of content that is in their galleries and thus can't comment on it but if I want to make a guess I would guess processing from RAW would put them close enough with edge going to GF2 with neither being up there in DSLR territory.

Thanks, it makes sense to use a RAW workflow. The DCresource guy often criticizes Olympus cameras for highlight clipping, although in general he likes them.

I prefer the E-PL2 to the Panasonic models because I like the folding 14-42 kit lens for smaller size.

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