DxO lens softness correct vs sharpening

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Re: DxO lens softness correct vs sharpening

Robgo2 wrote:

Mark Kneen wrote:

I've asked myself the same question. I guess in theory it corrects depending on the lens and amount of zoom and as stated previously varies that across the image depending on the specific lens defects. In reality, I suspect that the actual correction appled is simply sharpening by another name, albeit tailored to your specific combination of camera and lens.

This is incorrect. DxO uses deconvolution/deblurring, which is the same basic process that is used in Photoshop's Smart Sharpen, Focus Magic and InFocus, only with DxO, it is applied in the raw stage and is supposedly tailored to the softness of the particular lens that was used. (Not all lenses are so covered.) When I worked with DxO, I thought this was one of its better features.

recent versions of ACR and LR also use "deconvolution/deblurring" when you move the detail slider from 0 to 100... According to Eric Chan from Adobe Labs that changes the ratio between two inputs (usm like algorithm and deconvolution) - that was his answer to the question in luminous landscape forum.

they do not change the strength though going from the center to the edges like DxO does... Capture One can do that in a generic fashion albeit w/ USM sharpening - see "Lens Correctio" tool, "Sharpness Falloff" slider... now if we were able to combine ACR' approach + its NR + some C1's features... who will need DxO then w/ their slow camera+lens profiling ?

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