Has the K-5 Fron Focis Issue been resolved...

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Re: Has the K-5 Fron Focis Issue been resolved...

areidjr wrote:

or has it just been accepted and everyone is just hoping for a fix?

I'm on my second K-5. The first was exchanged for a host of issues and the second has a very small stain (My replacement was older stock that the original) but, with the exception of the FF in low tungsten light levels it behaves quite well.

However, the low light FF issue is causing me quite a bit of concern. I use my camera a lot for portraits and weddings, along with wildlife and landscape work. The camera severely front focuses in the shooting portraits where the subject is lit by the modeling lights on my strobes. I'm afraid that wedding shooting will be equally effected.

I set up a target 15 feet away and using the DA12-24 @ 24mm f/4, I shot under natural light at 2 EV and tungsten light at 3 EV. Under natural light the lens focused to near infinity and the shots were reasonable sharp. Under tungsten light (1 EV brighter) the lens consistently focused to 7-8 feet and the shots were all front focused.

My question is whether my issues are unique, the issue has somehow been solved and whether I should again exchange the camera for another.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

My 3rd body is a little better than the first or second in low light FF, but just yesterday I was shooting at a company event lit much like a reception, which means indoors low'ish light, bounce flash, and even with all of the adjustment dialed in, the FF was obvious. This camera is just about unusable as-is in shooting just about anything in normal to low room light.

There is NO WAY I can shoot this camera at an indoor wedding reception.

I too keep hearing anecdotal reports of "perfect" K5 focusing, but frankly, I no longer believe any of them, as not a single one has posted any low light tests or images showing that they do not have significant FF at EV 2-4 light range.

In fact, I would love to see images from a perfect K5 just to have a tiny bit of hope that the camera can focus properly, or at least as well as my K20.

I do believe that some are a little better than others, but I sure haven't received one that was anywhere near "perfect" especially at EV 2-3.

Go to the other forums and search for the Pentaxeros posts. He claims to be some sort of dealer that has tested many K5 bodies, and according to him, they all FF at EV 3-4, and Pentax allegedaly knows this and "is working on it".


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