Will dpr EVER post E-5 review?

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Re: Will dpr EVER post E-5 review?

WGArts wrote:

43photo wrote:

jeff zwier wrote:

not to discredit any other review sites

but im not going to trust my 1700 dollar future purchase on "hopes and dreams" and 3 paragraph blog reviews

its unnacceptable that DPREVIEW has not given us a review yet

Dpreview pretends to be the best camera review site...

'Pretends' being the operative word. They ought to change the name to DPP - Digital Photography Procrastinators. If there are no reviews forthcoming, what is the reason for coming here? For an argument? Abuse? To see pretty pictures by other photographers? WHAT?? This is supposed to be DP REVIEW.

they should find a way to make these reviews and publish them within 2 months of the release date of the camera. I think it should have been there before Xmas.

Right on. Perhaps now that they're in USA they had to hire UNION workers. That would explain the slowdown better than anything else. Unless they're not thru counting their Amazon money yet.

BTW, DPR and Amazon - I bought my E-5 yesterday and a lot of other stuff including a 150/2 and I did NOT buy from amazon.

Yet you continue to post here.

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