Goeing back packing TL350 way to go?

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Goeing back packing TL350 way to go?

Im goeing to backpack a few months in new Zealand and Australia. I currently own a Pentax K200D but no way im taking that with me. So i have been looking around for a decent p&s with a small form factor but still take great pictures.

I narrowed it down to the following cameras:

Samsung TL350 (or WB2000 as its called here)
Sony HX5V
Casio FH100
Panasonic TZ8/10

Panasonic FS30 (just because its so damn cheap but still seems to do really well)

The most important thing before all shiny options for me is IQ. Since i will be backpacking most of my pictures will be taken outdoors and mostly of landscape in all sorts of colours. So indoor IQ and low light quality is less important for me.

My personal favourite atm is the samsung but it has one major drawback. according to the reviews it does only 175 shots!

Second for me are the Sony HX5V and Casio FH100. Where the Casio seems to do the best with IQ and battery life. But the sony gives full hd and GPS (nice to have but not if it costs IQ)

For some reason the Panasonics although good priced dont attract to me but they seem to do very good in the test so i cant ignore em.

So please help me out. First of all is the battery in the samsung really only doing the reported 175 shots? And second considering my budget (€250/$340) which of these would you take as your only camera on a 3 months trip?

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