lumix lx5 external mic????

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Re: lumix lx5 external mic????

FreeForLife wrote:

What do you think of the H1 audio quality?

If you use Sony Vegas to edit, then syncing audio is trivial. You can stretch or compress the length of any audio track to match the reference audio out of the LX5 (highlght the audio track and select 'properties'). You can actually drag the H1 track left and right until it phases accurately with the LX5 reference.

Neither the H1 or LX5 drift much, and I can't recall having to adjust the lengths to match. Of course, you always have to adjust the phase.

If you buy an H1, then keep its level on 37. That is a magic number where you get maximum dynamic range. Selecting a higher level boosts output level but also boosts noise, so you gain nothing , and lose dynamic range. I am very happy with my H1.

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