New iPad rumored to have 260 DPI screen. Ultimate portfolio viewer?

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Re: New iPad rumored to have 260 DPI screen. Ultimate portfolio viewer?

I'm not stating that .flv isn't playable or that flash based sites cannot be viewed on my PC... I'm just saying that I (more often than not) notice higher CPU usage as long as the flash content is active on my PC.

I've not really noticed this problem with other video formats or non-flash based web sites.

How come I can create the vector graphics in my PC without much problem... but when encoded into flash output and played, the PC internal cooler fans start whirring up all too often... which I find kinda irksome because it happens more often than not.

I don't know the real reason why Apple has stopped flash content from being run on the IPad but I'm not surprised. Seems to be some truth in what they claim.

Anyway, I guess I possibly use flash much more than the average poster here on a daily basis and thus, probably, notice this tendency more than the others!

Somebody used the word 'inefficient' above... I think that is an apt definition of what I think of flash at present.


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