D7000 Focus Problem!!!!

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Re: Stop blaming lens for a while

Dominique Dierick wrote:

Look at the wire running into the girls head. It could easily trick the focus point to the strong feature of the wire, leading to wrong focus.

The wire behind girls's head is already blurred (located way back) and sharper on our left, roughly in front of the two big leafless trees. Looking at single focus point shown on Yaamon's post, imo that left part of cable should not affect or trick af at that time.

Color? I have not yet seen any bad influence of color on my D3s or D7000.

I have used the D7000 now with all my Nikon lenses, no problems at all in any situation. Unless I make the error

I believe you

and having seen many great working examples I think the (af) system could deliver, just perhaps more fragile or less tolerant to mfg errors ? Not surprising for such highly specced cam combined with huge mp sensor.

sekine wrote:

I know what some commentators are saying about being able to see what looks like a focused area in the pavement, but that area can't be more than a foot long, maybe two. Forget seven. There should be a solid seven and a half feet of this image in focus. And there isn't.

I don't know how tall the girl is, but distance from her feet to beginning of tree shadow on pavement, which area I considered sharper than herself, looks closer to 2 meters than 30cm.

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