UFO filmed in SW England by aircraft engineers!

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Re: watching TV 1960's Invaders on SyFy

Water Focus wrote:

saw neon green streaks across the night sky - exactly the same colour as a green traffic light. At first I thought it was a kind of a reflection of the traffic lights. I stayed quiet on the sighting, afraid of being ridiculed. It was all cleared up a few days later. It was a Soviet rocket re-entering Earth's atmosphere and burning up.

Thanks for posting nanequate.

Check these out:



It's a real problem, all the things people see that aren't readily explained yet often have some explanation even if not realized. So many sightings are "lights" that could be any number of things. Of course, that's why motion becomes important and that does get mentioned alot. People usually aren't stupid about such things, but it all comes down to the question again and again, 'what are the UFO's?'.

Like you, I saw something in the night sky after a rocket launch. It was a faint green spiral pattern like a spirograph drawing. Happened many minutes after the rocket was gone and almost directly overhead instead of the location the rocket had been. I was only 10 years old and had been laying in the front yard looking up just thinking about the stars and space flight. No way of knowing what I saw was real or not.

Likewise, around that same age or maybe younger, on a camping trip in Florida I 'imagined' a flying saucer landed and the typical Hollywood bug-eyed aliens (or Area 51 type) got out and took me aboard, lured by a floating glowing white ball. Something like the Star Trek Enterprise ship inside, only no protruding buttons (more like the later ST TNG Enterprise), and with working flat displays. Held me a time in a spherical hollow of a wall, curving metal plates wrapping around the interior. It was a vivid memory, but real? No way to know except to believe the ridiculousness of such a thing. Afterall, sometime around that time was the famous alien abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill. I had to check about that just now and found it was in book form around that time, having supposedly happened in 1961 or 5 years before. I was only 3 years old then.

What's curious to me is that I've seen plenty of sci-fi movies and TV shows from the earliest ones to now and I don't think any had the same appearance as what I recalled back then, that came later on-- the 1970's, I think. The memory, false or not, was of very real living beings, too, not artificial. Great imagination...? Perhaps.

All this stuff is why I don't try to waste all my time on the subject of UFO's, there's so much as it is. I like to see what gets put on the TV about it sometimes, but a person could spend their life trying to find out more and I'm not sure anything new could be learned. At least, I try not to do that, I do enough thinking about it already!

Back on topic about photographing UFO's... and BTW thanks for showing the YouTube links (however, as I just said: there's too much about them! LOL)... not only does the proof through visual documentation suffer from various sources/equipment but for a long time now anything like this can be faked, making it worse for anyone wanting to looking for answers. Evenso, I admire some of the results-- actual or imitated.

One thing's for certain, most people know to watch for unusual things and that means its up to each individual to figure out. And waiting for news stories to factualize anything about it might itself be a never-ending quest, unfortunately that's all more a subject of belief until then-- maybe forever, the moon landing(s) has some disbelievers.

Oh yeah, before I forget, another UFO I saw was equally confusing to witness. It appeared in the daytime sky for only a few moments, looking like a high-tech hot air balloon in the way it was just suspended motionless, and about the right size to be one. Can-shaped with hemispheres like giant windows around it, to describe the basic appearance. I knew it couldn't be a balloon in that brief moment, because it lacked rounded edges from fabric filled with hot air. I looked away not thinking to stare at it or get a camera, and when I looked back it was gone. An impossibility to move away or disappear, so that was something I always thought was strange.

Even with all the UFO-like events I can remember it's almost as peculiar that it almost never happens, although just as you'd expect from things that are mysterious.

So here I've gone and wasted my time writing and thinking about this, and probably wasting your time if you're reading. Sorry! ha ha! I'm out.

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