Any users from Pana GH1 14-140 to A55 18-250?

Started Jan 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any users from Pana GH1 14-140 to A55 18-250?

I have not used a GH1 or 14 - 140

I do have the Sony A33 and the Sony 18 - 250mm lens, so hope some of this helps you.

The A** are smaller than standard DSLR's (by about 25%) which I think will interest you. The EFV and LCD have good resolution and obvioulsy the sensor is bigger, I think you could make an easy transition from GH1 to A**

The Sony lens is light and when collapsed is relatively short. It performs well in the 18 - 200mm range, but I tend to use the last 50mm more for emergency use. The Sony body is stabilised, so the lens and camera combo are resistant to shake.

I think the camera needs f8 at over 200mm and if I can, I use f8 at the lower ranges as a preference for general shooting. On my copy, the bottom right section is a little softer than the rest of the lens, which overall seems to sharp.

The focus motor in the lens is noisy (enough to be noticable in a bird hide - though it is the wrong lens for birding anyway).

I think it is a good take anywhere solution and the combo can be carried easily as a 'walkabout' solution.

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