If the world came to the end

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No place to post the pictures.

scarman1313 wrote:

All the talk about the world ending on 12/21/2012, I was just wondering if it did would you be taking photos of the end. It would be a one in a life time event.

One of the drawbacks to being the photographer in the family or group is that you may find yourself "outside" events as they happen. My dad used to complain about it. He was so busy getting the shots that he couldn't enjoy everyone unwrapping their presents or blowing out their birthday candles. It can happen on vacation too. You can miss seeing things because you're busy focusing on getting a shot of Mom by the snake charmer. In my family we do work hard to keep a balance so that no one of us bears the brunt of being the official recorder of events.

If the world were coming to a swift end, I would want to be living it, not recording it. Especially since there would be no place to post the pictures.

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