Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

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Re: Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

buckshot wrote:

In other words, regardless of how much rabid fanbois tout X100 as solution for everything in this world, including world peace forever, no tool in this world is perfect end it all, everything has it's pros and cons, sometimes you need a screwdriver, sometimes you need a hammer.

To claim anything else and to close eyes to everything else is just plain stupid.

I am not sure why you have decided that all potential owners are "fanbois" and if heaven forbid they decide the camera will fit thier needs as thier only camera they are "stupid" why not state your point without an attack?

Please re-read what I wrote and notice absolutely nothing in my statement says nor implies all potential X100 owners are rabid fanbois.

It is obvious I am limiting my statament only to those that are rabid fanbois.

BTW and FYI, I too am potential X100 owner depending on how IQ etc turns out and when price drops to reasonable (to me) level.

That does not mean I have to turn off the brain and become blind to rabid fanboism.

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