Silver Efex 2 coming out...$99 to upgrade.

Started Jan 17, 2011 | Discussions thread
GlenGrant Regular Member • Posts: 296
$99 to upgrade - Complete screw over

One of the biggest screw overs I see is the people whom purchased the Complete pak version - based on the individual upgrades pricing, we could end up spending $500 by the time they upgrade all their products.

Thou I use and like Topaz, lets be honest - there are so many advantages to the NIK software library that creates the reason we use it in conjunction. The most prevalent is UPoint but so many others too. I use both.

GulfHusker wrote:

I want Silver Efex, always have, but I'm not paying their price. I think Topaz has the right business plan, but hey, I admit I'm not privy to their spreadsheets.

Jim Walker

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