e-pl2 red spot problem

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sorry for using the pictures while forgotten to mention the owners

the above pictures are adopted from Mobile01 and dchome

original links are as follow





hoforum wrote:
your shots were nice,

we would like to know more about the issue because the matrix pattern appeared in some most common shots with no dramatic lighting...

Kirk Tuck wrote:

Mr. Tuck took an EPL2 and the kit lens and shot photos directly into the sun. This evening, even putting the sun in the dead middle of the frame. His pictures did not show the same result. He is not saying the previous photos are a hoax. There could be many other explanations. New firmware? Perhaps the OMS poster had a defective camera. I just posted another post in the forum with shots from this evening and they include street lights and night time building shots. And still no red dot. Mr. Tuck will now stop typing in the third perosn. I'm sure that, given the right conditions, you can make any camera misbehave. If it's a deal killer for you, so be it.

Please note that the direct sunset shot is shot at f20. Not f2 point 0.
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