Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

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Re: Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

jeez. A lot of anger there about a pretty cool new camera.

Anyway, I recently had my GF1 with the pancake lens stolen. I was using it as a fill in camera because like most people, I don't want to carry around a big dSLR all the time. Or, more to the point, I was missing tons of great shots in my day to day life because I only use my dSLR's for work. I tried a few higher end point and shoots like the Lx5, but was extremely disappointed with the IQ so I returned it. I decided on the GF1 and really ended up liking and using it a lot. The image quality is superb. The focal length is a bit wide for an all purpose lens though. (if you try to fill the frame with a head and shoulders portrait, it gets a little wonky distortion going.)

Anyway, when it got stolen, I went online intending to just buy another, but then I stumbled across the X100.

This camera has a MUCH bigger sensor and a far superior lens to the GF1. It also has a SLIGHTLY longer focal length. Plus the built in OVF is huge. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm going to carry a compact, I dont want to have to carry around accessories that should be basics like the plug in EVF on the GF1.

Anyway, just wanted to throw my two cents in. I think the GF1 is great and I'd be happy to own it again. I don't know what the GF3 plans are, but I was already getting turned off by the touch screen and other fanciness of the GF2.
To say that you'd be paying an extra $300 for the same thing by buying the X100

instead of the GF1 is crazy talk. Assuming you'd be shooting RAW, the results out of the X100 should be far superior just from the lens quality and sensor alone.
(not to mention I think it's a hell of a lot sexier than the GF1)

just to round it out, I haven't even considered the X1, mostly because of the pricetag.
(I also don't like the idea of a retracting fixed focal length lens.)

I pre-ordered my X100 a couple days ago.

update: just checked amazon and the GF1 with pancake is $969.00 right now.

I got it 4 months ago for $650 but everyone is running out of them so the prices seem to be going up.

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