Oly primes on m4/3

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Re: Oly primes on m4/3

In fact - I'm more interested in the longer lenses for the E-P2 (for compact birding expiditions). Just landed a 300mm F4.5 and a 400mm F6.5 (what is that F stop?). But it hasn't stopped me from buying all the other old primes on ebay (cheap). Now finally have a respectable OM-1 system from 24mm to 400mm.

I'll let you know how those long lenses go too.

So much fun with a manual lens.

Just had a fantasy this afternoon, looking at my OM-1 of a new Pen with the complete OM-1 layout - manual shutter speed around the lens, ASA dial, and Fstops on the lenses. Oh that would make a middle aged man, happy.

And that old fashioned focusing screen? What would be wrong with that in a manual focus mode?

Anybody tried the focus confirm adapters?

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