e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: e-pl2 red spot problem

Just one test you could do before you decide to forget e-pl2 or any other camera:

Go to your photo catalog and count the number of photos where you had a nigh shot with a bright light and you stopped down to F9-F16.

Then compute the percentage. Probably you are a night photographer, or probably not. If it is the latter this "big issue" has no real impact on you.

I used to tell myself that I needed a focal distance less than 24mm for landscapes.

Many thousand photos after I know I don't need it desperately. What I need is primes around 100mm / 200mm and fast ones. And I continue to make landscape photos: 24mm is more than enough to me .

If I ever buy E-PL2 or nikon mirrorless or canon mirrorless, will I get rid of my Canon 5D mark I? Of course not.

It's a different tool with better high ISO and better IQ and shallower DoF... and heavier - that's the reason I will pick a mirrorless to carry everywhere.


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