focusing issue... need advice pls

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Re: focusing issue... need advice pls

stern wrote:

muratime wrote:

hey guys,
thank you all for the feedbacks...

stren we are all waiting for you if this problem is fixed or not after service repair..?

Friday I will try to check another copy if that store let's me... :))

but mike made a godo advice, low light mostly manuel focus is a good alternative, since we don't shoot from far, and close subject can be adjusted (I hope

Well, focus is much better now after sensor adjustment (quality control must be in a VERY bad shape at Pentax-Hoya). In "normal" low light there is hardly any FF now, but it is still there though much less (of course, I tested with F1.4 and F2.8 with very shallow DOF, in "normal" situations with F 5.6 etc. you might not see the FF issue). In LV though all pictures are razor-sharp. I am afraid that we still have to wait for some firmware update to get the FF fully fixed.

So, just did the next test (text on white background under a light bulb): F 5.6 LV and VF both equally sharp (happy about this...) - its kind of miss-and-hit right now, yet better than before service when it was 100% miss.

I had a K10D before and a K-m and a *istDS - all of them focussed perfectly in artificial low light, my K-r is the first Pentax I own with this kind of problem.
I hope Pentax will offer the software fix soon! Good luck, Murat!

Hi Stern, Thanks very much for sharing all above...
I am hapy to hear that you had reasonable improvment on the issue...

i will also try more LV, and firstly i want to install available last firmware...
have fun
see ya.

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