e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: EPL1 and EPL2 have the same AA filter!

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

hybert46 wrote:

I just found this interesting reply hidden in a thread.


It seems that the EPL2 and the EPL1 shares the same AA filter. I don't know if we can trust at 100% but it is a good news. I am more and more convinced by the EPL2

. . . There's been so much posted on this topic that I can't keep it all straight but I'd be interested if someone could point me toward a red spot image that was taken with another m4/3 lens besides this new 14-42 kit lens.

Also should keep in mind that this new lens, if it is the problem at all, solves the motion blur issue that occurred at certain shutter speeds.

We need some more real-world testing of scenes that are similar to the samples, and see if it can be reproduced consistently.

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