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Re: Its a brain-sucking space bat

Hoy hoy, Mr Star!

Must I point out my 435,000-year experience of space-kreecha classification into The Definitive Taxonomy of Hyper-Dimensional Beings? (I was going at light speed and often beyond, so it only took me subjectively a few minutes). In all events, one can easily see the 9th dimensional detritus-ejector on that bat's underside so it cannot be from the Pleiadeas (they use the 5th dimension, being less evolved).

As to Gina L, I would rather think about her (1950s version) than indulge in smutty talk on the matter. Ah, umm, I may have given myself away. Yes, I have naughty thoughts about smouldering Italian starlets who lacked the modern scridgey-look of those blank-faced sticky-women now seen on the tele, in favour of certain curves, projections and [deleted by the DPR censor {puritan branch}].

But back to the bat. I think the OP should go for a brain-test to see what of his intellect the bat has sucked out, as he peered up at it through his viewfinder. An obvious test - let us ask him what he thinks of that Sarah Palin......? (Yes, I would much rather think about Gina too).

SirLataxe, probably now incapable of truckling with a Gina, as he is tired out with the bat-chasing.

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