2011 Predictions

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Re: 2011 Predictions

Argus will become a premium brand, using technology reverse-engineered from alien point-and-shoots salvaged at Roswell. Their one SLR offering and its one available compact 6-1600mm f/1.2 lens will, in the course of a week or two, destroy every other camera company. The employees of those companies will all get jobs -- with full benefits -- at the reinvigorated Argus.

The camera will also record 120fps 8K video and will, via a compression scheme humans would have taken another 90 years to devise, fit two hours of said video on a plain-Jane 512MB SD card. Everyone who buys one will, despite griping about how the video function muddies the camera's purity-of-purpose, use the movie mode to shoot video that will win each and every one of them Academy Awards for cinematography the following year. That ceremony will be the longest televised Oscars in all of human history.

Because of all this, one million children born this year will be named Argus. Or Argusina for the girls.


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