Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

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Re: Fuji X100 vs. Leica X1 vs. Gf1 w/20mm pancake

Bokeh_freak wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

Add in the price of the optional viewfinder.

Ok I take that back. I added the price of the viewfinder to the GF1 with F1.7 Pancake lens $950 + $150(viewfinder) = $1100! And this is not even the GF2. Better just wait for the X100...

Where are you getting your prices from?

Sammys camera had the GF1 Body on sale a few days ago for $300, they are out of stock now though. A few weeks ago they had the GF1+20mm pancake on sale for $500 as well.

If you were to buy it today, all from BHPhoto the price of the GF1($420)+20mm pancake (315) + Viewfinder ($160) would be $895. That's $200 less than what you came up with. I guess you're quoting MSRP but it's easy to find this camera discounted.

The X100 is still about $300 more expensive and you have to give the GF1 value added points for being able to change lenses. About $370 lets you add an excellent quality 28mm equivalent lens. Assuming Fuji makes another focal length (and you want it) then that will probably be another $1200.

Obviously the Fuji has the hybrid optical viewfinder which is probably going to be revolutionary and which I expect other camera makers will try to copy, or do they have some type of patent that would prevent anyone from copying the idea? Fuji did say they expect other manufactures to follow suit so maybe not.

Rumor on the street is that the Fuji X100 will be officially announced at CP+ and that the GF3 will also be announced. Rumors say the GF3 will also have a built in viewfinder.

Ultimately, for me to pick the X100 over the GF3, the X100 is going to have to have a significant leg up on image quality but I'm having some doubt seeing as to how the Leica X1 doesn't run miles around the GF1+20mm pancake. A GF3 with a viewfinder I'm sure will make choices even harder.

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