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Re: Nah, blimp drones work better

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Chato wrote:

The police are now starting to use flying drones, to err, "keep us safe." Oddly enough civil libertarians are concerned that these drones will be taking images that violate our privacy.

How about blimp drones?

Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky

(Reuters) - A proposed unmanned floating airship surveillance system is being hailed by city officials in Ogden, Utah as one way to fight crime in its neighborhoods. ...

"We anticipate using it mainly at night. The cameras have incredible night vision to see with tremendous clarity daytime and nighttime. It will be used like a patrol car. It will be used to go and check things out and keep things safe," said Godfrey. ...

The blimp is long but narrow and moves quickly and quietly, meaning it should be fairly undetectable, he said. ...

The blimp has almost no operational costs and minimal maintenance expenses, he said. Ogden city officials say it will cost about $100 a month to operate but would not comment specifically on the cost of the blimp. ...

"It's extremely silent. It can hover or stay stationery or silently meander over pre-programed courses over the city at nighttime."

This sounds a lot better than the drone in the article you linked to. I think that one was more like a conventional airplane, so it wouldn't work near as well to "keep things safe" in the dead of night. And a conventional plane can't hover outside a window at all--practically worthless.

With the cost of operation being practically nothing, police departments can probably keep fleets of blimps going, all the time.

Great, huh?


If this becomes a "legitimate" tool of law enforcement, then it is also a first step. One can easily see a merger of model airplane technology and photographry. Then couple this type of surveilance with another technology seeing it's birth pangs:

The real question is whether the public will simply blather the party line of, "If you have nothing to hide, why be upset?"


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