This is how you check your shutter count on E-5

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This is how you check your shutter count on E-5

Earlier today I found out this steps to get shutter count for E-PL1, which also works for E-P1 and E-P2.
I just got home and try this to my E-5, AND IT DOES WORK TOO!!

Here are the steps:

► Camera OFF
► Hold down MENU button and turn ON the camera
► Release MENU button and press MENU again to get to Menus
► Go to LCD Brightness Menu, that's in Spanner Menu and third item down.
► Press RIGHT to show screen adjusters
► Press INFO and then press OK and on my E-5 this shows on screen....
OLYMPUS E-5 0A 01 01 01
► Press in sequence UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/SHUTTER/UP and Page 1 info appears

► Variously press RIGHT for Page 2, DOWN for Page 3, LEFT for Page 4 and UP again to get Page 1

What we are looking for is the information on Page 2, on my E-PL1 it shows.....
R 000275 [total shutter actuation count]
S 000020 [shot count with flash]
C 000000
U 000106 [turn on count which is ultrasonic wave cleaner count]
V 000000

B 000204 [seems to be total number of times shutter button is fully pressed for any reason]
L 000000

On Page 4 is D: damage code log, mine shows 0 and that is good.

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