First "HDR" attempt - C&C appreciated

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Re: First "HDR" attempt - C&C appreciated

This is a quick attempt to brighten the dark foreground without the harsh effects in your own version. The aim is to look natural. In your attempt you introduced clipping of highlight and very string contrast effects ( rather like USM applied with a heavy hand ). Clipping highlights defeats the purpose of doing a HDR in the first place.

Using GIMP. Duplicate a layer, add a mask based on inverse greyscale. Adjust the curve of layer ( not the mask ) to brighten. This will increase the brightness of the dark areas but the mask will basically protect the bright areas.

This, IMO, gives a more natural appearance.

Note that no sharpening has been applied and I started from your posted JPEG, not a RAW.

You can adjust the curve of the layer mask to alter the balance of the brightening effect.

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