Can you name 2 frequent mistakes and 2 non-typical uses for softboxes

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Re: Experience...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

Nonsense, you don't need to see the readout on the back.

Meter reads f5.6 and 6/10ths and you click it up 4 times to get to f8. Its not difficult.

Have you actually used it, because that sounds like you're guessing.

I own a skyport transmitter and BXRIs.

How about the meter reads f4 and 6/10 and you click it up 29 times to get to f11 and a half. It is difficult .

Yeah, counting is hard... Its not like you can't take a second reading when you are close.

No, I've not used stuff that is very common over here and no one hires out.
How suprising is that? I've used bowens, profoto, elinchrom.


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