The SLT is doomed...

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The SLT is doomed...

..and so is the OVF!

I'm not anti OVF, in fact I will be buying an A580 as soon as I can get my hands on one. But I think this may be my last opportunity to buy a new-model Sony in my price range with an OVF. Nor am I anti SLR - the loss of light is not really significant and the ghosting is rarely an issue.

No, the SLT is doomed not because there is anything wrong with the design, but because it will be unnecessary. On-sensor phase detection is coming and that will make the mirror redundant.

Some may think that on-sensor PD focusing is not practical. I don't think so. The major problem of capturing light from just one side of the lens can be overcome with angled micro-lenses, the affected sensels can be interpolated out - and with current megapixel counts you wont even be able to see where they were.

Further, if one sees phase detection as a first stage with final focusing done by contrast detection, then the shielding of the PD sensels from one side of the lens or the other can be less than perfect and techniques such as etching prism lines on the anti-aliasing filter could be good enough.

So I will be skipping the SLT generation and will wait for the advanced E-Mount MILC models.

Would others, currently waiting patiently or not so patiently for The A700 and A900 replacements, be prepared to buy instead a mirrorless E-mount Sony if:

  • It was a decent size rather than the mini NEX format.

  • There was an A-mount adapter available that could provide focus drive and iris actuation.

  • It had fully electronic shuttering with flash sync up to 1/2000 sec.

  • The FP shutter was replaced by a sensor shield that closed during lens changing

  • It had a colour-accurate EVF with parallel feed (no blank-out or freezes during picture taking)

  • It was ruggedly constructed and weather sealed.

  • And, finally, Sony did not leave out any features currently in TheA700/A900.

Would you buy such a camera? What more should it offer?

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