Can you name 2 frequent mistakes and 2 non-typical uses for softboxes

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Re: The fact here is very simple...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

1) The deep octas are as deep as you could want.

The deep octas are too small, 100cm is an 8.8 ft2 area, a 6x4 softbox is about 3x that, 24 ft2. Heck, the deep octa is smaller than the 3x4 I call the "small" softbox.

And the biggest Rotalux, period, is the 100cm square,

I'll stop there while you get your facts right.

Why? I gave you the courtesy of responding when you went on and on and on with your near total absence of facts.

You are getting basic facts wrong, the 175cm rotalux octa is significantly bigger than the 100cm recta. Period.

If you haven't got much experience with the range why both commenting on it? Elinchrom users are succesfully using the mola euro, it is significantly heavier than a softbox.


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