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verheyph wrote:


I'm currently using a trial version of LR and I have one question my test doesn't give an answer to (until now).

I'm taking picture in RAW format with my Nikon D200 playing with WB, Color mode contrast setting, Saturation and sharpening variations. (The four RAW parameters know by Capture 4 and NX2)

When I import the pictures in LR, it seems that only the WB balance setting is "as out of the camera". The other RAW ajustments seems to be lost.

Is it the normal behavoir of LR or is it me who doesn't see the differences between pictures

Normal. Lightroom is camera vendor neutral , which basically means that it reads in only industry standard metadata. And after all: Canon software can't decipher Nikon proprietary settings, and Nikon software can't decipher Olympus proprietary settings... We may not want to switch to and learn other software, or to use more than one package in parallel, just because of the particular cameras we may buy.

I think of it this way: I SAVE time when shooting when I simply don't fiddle around with these camera settings at all. For JPG they are important, but in Raw they don't help the camera set an exposure and capture the scene optimally. In fact, altering these settings from shot to shot would muddle my own ability to "extrapolate" from what the camera histogram and clipping warnings are telling me, to what the Raw data is doing underneath.

Then decisions about how I wish to see the Raw data presented pictorially, can be left to a moment away from the subject where I have leisure, controlled and larger viewing of the image, and a fuller array of adjustments available, as well as whatever LR presets etc I may have developed to help in that.


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