2011 Predictions

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Re: 2011 Predictions

i predict the JETS to win the super bowl
there i said it

as far as technology who cares so a new phone or camera will be relesed guess what every year new cameras and consumer goods are always released

why would it make a difference will the phone make better phone calls? will the newer cameras make better pictures if you barely were able to figure out what made your old camera tick?

what would you do if your now new camera still "took" just as crummy pictures as your old one .. oh god it must be the camera that sucks

TechOutsider wrote:

Any thoughts on what cameras will be like in 2011?

A few of mine:

1) The long awaited successor to the Fuji F200EXR
2) Propagation of backlit sensors - Samsung already has their own backlit sensor

3) RAW mode on compact cameras! Samsung has endowed their newest superzoom RAW mode.
4) More N8 like phones
5) Kodak releases the P880's successor ;).

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beam me up scotty

do you consider yourself lucky?

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