Which to keep/which to sell??????

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Which to keep/which to sell??????

I just returned home after picking up as new E1 kit (with the 14-54mm lens) and now I am in a quandry. The condition of the E1 and the lens are as the owner told me "Immaculate" and he was telling the truth. In fact the condition is absolutely brand new. I checked the shutter count and it has done 523 shutter activations which confirms what he told it had approximately done. There is not even the tiniest scratch or the smallest blemish on the lens or the body. Even the box is still like brand new and one of the original batteries is still packed and sealed in it's packaging. Unbelievable. The gentleman who sold it to me is a pensioner who is into analog photography and decided to try digital in 2006. He then purchased the E1 kit and after only 3 months and hardly any usage decide it was not for him and put it back in the box and in his cupboard. He sort of forgot about it until last week when he decided to sell it. The lens has not even ever been removed from the body so no dust has ever had a chance to get into the body. I even have the original invoice.

Anyway..yes what to do. I recently purchased a brand new 11-22mm and that is one heck of a sharp well build lens too. Also I have the 50mm f2.0 which I also got new only a short while ago and I have the 40-150mm MK1 also like absolutely new. I now have 3 E1 bodies of which I am going to sell the one I currently use but which lens to keep??????
1.Keep the 11-22mm and the 50mm and the 40-150mm. Sell 14-54mm
2. Keep the 14-54 and the 50mm and the 40-150mm. Sell the 11-22mm
3. Keep the 14-54mm and the 40-150mm. Sell the 50mm and the 11-22mm

It's not an option to keep all the lenses. Can the 14-54mm replace both the 11-22mm and the 50mm? Is the 14-54mm as sharp as the 11-22mm? Is the extra Wide Angle the 11-22mm brings really so important or is the 14mm enough wide angle?

Enough questions and some difficult decisions to be made. Help and opinions will be appreciated.

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