Can you name 2 frequent mistakes and 2 non-typical uses for softboxes

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Re: My dirty dozen softbox tips


I can see your posts will be very helpful as I am very seriouls about learning portrait photography, but at this point have so much to learn.

I have two Paul Buff x1600 sights at three AB400 lights. I have been trying to set up the cybercommander and have had problems. One of the battery contacts broke and had to send it in, now all my lights seem to not respond properly to even manual power levels I set. I am just venting and need to call Pual Buff tech support to figure this all out.

But it does lead me to a question. I mainly want to control the hairlight as I have it mounted to the ceiling and ldo not like having to use a step ladder each time I want to adjust. Adjust the key or fill light manually is really quick and even the background lights are not a problem. It seems like a waste to use the cybercommander for just one light but in your opinion do you think it woulld be quicker to just use it for the hair light? It certainly would be less complicated.

I had a tech guy help me set it up and I think he had me set my lights as a group. It seemed like I could never get the background lights bright enough with the commander.


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