We do have a choice: Sony DSLT or canikontax DSLR

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Re: We do have a choice: Sony DSLT or canikontax DSLR

mike_2008 wrote:

Plastek wrote:

Check the Minolta history Mike.
Minolta RD-175 was something alike " demonstrating the tech " you ask for.

I'd like to see one demonstrated that beats current technology, not that from 12 years ago. It's really quite hard you know, massive steps in IQ and function don't fall off trees, that's why the SLT is quite exceptional; it has it's quirks and foibles, but it's the biggest innovation we've seen that provides some really useful benefits in many years in DSLR.

Minolta RD-175 is there to show you the scale. For long time it was best DSLR with x2 crop on the market, unbeaten in many aspects. Same will be with new camera if it's gonna be released along the idea. (Look at proposed high-iso alone. it's huge value comparing to anything else currently, while the another huge strength of this solution is in low-iso, I'd buy it due to sole dynamic range reason alone)

And stop hyping SLT above the skies. It ain't as revolutionary as you'd like to see it - yes, the tech IS huge revolution, but the outcome? The outcome is that in 2010 a real quality revolution in APS-C is the Pentax K-5 with picture quality better than several Full Frame cameras. Not A55 as you suggest.

SLT might be good but it's only might if used well and if all the major issues caused by still mirror will be removed. (huge hopes for option of enabling moving mirror in one of future SLT cameras single-shot mode) For now it's as good as rumor of A-bayonet camera with beam splitter - might be great but we don't know anything for sure yet.

mike_2008 wrote:

As for what you were referring to - well, in first post you've talk about DSLT-only, let me quote:

mike_2008 wrote:

we'll have a DSLT line up from top to bottom in 2-3 years times, sooner in APS-C.

So if you meant to say something different than say it straightforward. It'll make life of everyone around easier.

EVF=DSLT until PDAF on main sensor is perfected and the T can be dropped.

Oh... now that's an interesting equation . You should really put it under the first post, cause otherwise it doesn't make even slightest sense.

If you want to say something different than you say it straightforward. Don't add notes later on

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