e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: Grid and loss of sharpness...

No camera is perfect and surely the PL2 has a lot for it. I am not a night shooter, so I would hardly be affected, especially if I knew in which conditions the Grid appears.

Sharpness (and colours) is an entirely different matter. I love the idea of not having to sharpen Jpeg, and leave them as they are OOC. If Oly has raised the AA filter, it would be a pity, and the PL1 a better bet. If it has increased the noise reduction instead, well, that can be corrected and sharpness recovered.

So it's really a matter of evaluating the operational conditions of a camera, instead of judging it as a whole. For the same reason early adopters always take a risk.

If you took the lagging technology approach you'd get an earlier, known camera. Or you might be patient, and wait for more (user) reviews.

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