How do you reply when others say...

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I tell the truth, saying ->

I say -

"Thanks for liking my pictures - this was taken with a Pentax K20D and the 77LTD lens."

Or whatever lens and camera was used.

No elaboration or advice is offered unless asked, and, when asked only references to information sources are given. . . I usually give as a very good source of info.

I only give advice unasked if I am very fond of the person (say, a child or grandchild, or a woman I am very fond of). Even then the advice is usually treated as having the value of what was given, or paid, for it. Ie - worthless.

Observation leads me to believe un-asked-for advice is valueless to the receiver.

Once in a very great while I am asked how to achieve a photoshop effect on a print I am selling.

I reply "it took me x years (part time study) to learn to do this. I only teach the "how" in return for a commensurate amount of cash. There are many, many sources of photoshop information available thru the web, and you have the advantage of now knowing it is possible to do - which I did not know when I started trying to figure out how to do it."
Bill Wilson

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