E-5 review by Photoreview Australia

Started Jan 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: E-5 review by Photoreview Australia

Interesting and a good review. Seems the Nikon D3s is a tick better throughout, according to their brief scoring numbers, but given its price difference, pretty good.

Interesting to note for some is that the D3s "RAW" has a score of 9.5, where the E-5 is only 9.0 (and it says NEF, RAW for the E-5, by the way)...but the D3s JPG is an 8.0 and the E-5 JPG is an 8.5. Really shows how good the JPGs are out of Olympus cameras, being pretty close to their RAW brothers. It is a big difference in the Nikon.

Overall of 9 for the D3s and 8.5 for E-5 is probably correct, and pretty dang impressive for the E-5 if the judging was fair and honest.

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