Anyone still owns a DP2 or DP2s?

Started Jan 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
alexzn Senior Member • Posts: 1,752
Think twice...

Think twice before getting a DP2, and if you still decide to get one, buy it used. in a nutshell DP series are truly awful cameras. Here are the pro and cons:

Pros: Wonderful Foveon IQ at low ISO and really, really good dynamic range. That's about it for the Sigma...

Now cons:

High ISO is pitiful, it is barely salvageable for B&W, so you can pretty much forget about available light photography indoors.
Green corners in the images at high ISO- again barely salvageable even in B&W.

The AF is pityful in bright light, and non-existent anywhere else. MF is clunky and you have no EVF to make it even remotely tolerable.

The camera interface is ancient and looks like it has been designed by a first year intern. Garbage.

The design and manufacturing standards are a distinct step below Olympus or Panasonic.
The reliability record is poor and resale value is even worse.

SPP software is garbage, and Lightroom and Aperture cannot get the proper dynamic range out of the Sigma RAW files. Sigma JPEGs are a joke too. We routinely trash Panasonic JPEGs here, but take a look at Sigma OOC JPEGs.

Honestly, I question the wisdom of picking up the Sigma given that a m43 camera gives 95% of the IQ in bright light (with much better handling), and runs circles around Sigma anywhere else. In reality, Sigma is a brilliant low-light sensor wrapped around a truly awful camera.

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