e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: Summilux now...

thx jonas for such useful input =]

Jonas B wrote:

amalric wrote:

So would you rather think it's a bad batch of sensors, or the AA filter, which has been messed up?

As I said the DSLRmagazine points to the PL2 having less sharpness than the PL1.

But can an AA filter create multiple reflections?

I don't know exactly what makes it. I'm pretty sure though a lens can't produce a pattern of red dots, and I'm absolutely positive several lenses can't do the same thing, but with one camera only.

So, it is the camera. The same test but with other cameras I have tried never showed the red dot pattern.

One possible explanation is the pile of glass Olympus and Panasonic have stacked up against the sensor. There is not only the AA filter but also the ultrasonically vibrating glass shield on the top, and then maybe something more. My guess is that when these glass elements aren't perfectly coated, or aligned with the exact right distance between them, or the AA filter is of a certain type (the E-510 also had a heavy AA filter), or something else along these lines happens - we are presented to this pattern at small aperture openings.

Some engineer will tell us the exact reason. I searched my archive and here you have the E-510 with a Leica lens mounted:



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