e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: Not a problem in the DPR samples gallery

people were just testing their cam and share whatever they found good or bad,

the info are useful sharings for us as comsumers

if such ghosting can be only eliminated by only capable photographers, but faulty for common use, why should we buy such cams!?

and i would like to know, how's your capability? do u have confidence to aviod such issue if u are holding a faulty cam as they?? i dont think so as i saw your discussion and knowledge so pointless

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

hoforum wrote:

many users of e-pl2 are experiencing the "red spot(?)" issue when facing direct light sources, would OM pls face it seriously and upload new firmware soon?

the links below are in chinese, u can understand by just seeing the pictures





. . . I did Google translations of all five of those links and looked closely at the photos. I then went to the DPReview samples gallery for the E-PL2. If you look closely at the first two photos in DPR's samples gallery, you'll see that's there's no problem at all with those shots in similar settings as the ones from China posted in your links.

. . . So I don't have anything to say about those multiple spectral highlights (ghosting?) effects that have been posted in those links from China except to say that I trust DPR's Barney-Britton as a capable photographer and have no idea what those Chinese photos mean or how those results were produced.

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