Canon SLR Museum 1970-2000

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Re: Canon SLR Museum 1970-2000 part II

tarjei99 wrote:

Thanks for sharing.

The T-90 was my first SLR. I still love it.

I believe that the T-90 was the best Camera Canon ever designed in terms of ergonomics. The feel in the hand was wonderful!

I too, still have my T90. I bought it new and in it's day it was brilliant. Hoewever, probably due to lack of use, mine now suffers the "sticking shutter" syndrome and displays "EEEEE" every time I try to take a shot. I had it repaired once, but it's now doing it again.

It was a revolutionary design in it's day, and I believe the metering system was exactly the same as that used in the first EOS cameras.

Incidentally, I think it was the first Canon SLR to feature a PolyCarbonate body shell, and, unlike today, I don't remember people screaming "cheap plastic body" at the time it was introduced.

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