e-pl2 red spot problem

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My two cents worth...

There appear to be two different things going on, lens flare, which you can see with shots of the sun and the street lamps that appear diametrically opposite each other (and which, if you draw lines from the light sources to their flare counterparts, will all intersect in the centre of the image), and a weird grid like flare which appears to get worse with stopping down and with longer exposures.

Lens flare is fairly straightforward and is a consequence of poor multicoating combined with longish exposures. However, that weird grid like flare looks like light is bouncing back and forth near the sensor. The only thing I can think of here is that the IR filter is some distance in front of the sensor instead of integrated with it. The advantage this has is that any dust will collect on the IR filter and will still be out of focus even at smaller apertures (no dust spots). This is a similar effect to the Sigma DP cameras which indeed have an IR filter sitting some distance away from the sensor and of course have no AA or Bayer filter.

To positively pinpoint the problem some controlled experiments need to be conducted with a number of lenses, apertures and exposure times and a variety of light sources in different parts of the image. Of course all this will do is to identify the problems, it won't fix them until Olympus does something about them.

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