K-5 Problems Problems

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K-5 Problems Problems

Hi I had D7000 and sold it to try a Pentax camera which got better scores in internet...

However I am quite disappointed with few points... :((

  • my first copy had dead 1 pixel and was not taking good shots in low light high ISO, we compared with my friends D90 exact same condition and her D90 was shooting much much much better in terms of noise (even at iso800)... So I ended up return and getting a new copy of K-5 (here is my first question: could there be a factory defect for high iso performance? - other than dead pixel)

  • second copy (after 2 days imporessions):

there was no dead pixel (thanks god)

kit lens 18-55 has extremly loose compare to first lens, makes too much noise (unlike first copy - what a quality of company: PENTAX)

it was almost half meter front focusing in low light, I THINK I was able to fix it somehow by FINE AF adjustment, to bring the adjustment level at minus edge... (What a quality: no calibration with kit lens)..

althought I ahd above problems, since it seems okay (with lots of stranage sound from lens and 'rough' fine AF adjustent, I didn't return, I am not a guy to go a store to tell very basic but difficult to prove problems to a sales guy after 2 hours of discussion)

anyway there are some more findings:

  • kit lens performs ONLY between f5.6-11.. out of this range, results are far away than any sharpness or crispness (why DPREVIEW revives doesn't mentin this for the kit lens?) try to take a long shot like 30 seconds with f22. results are TERRIFIC

  • iso still much behind my expectations, I have to use PS CS5 to compansate noise problems... (somebody please comment if there is chance to have two times DEFECTIVE sensor??? :((( which could give bad noise results with iso higher than 800?) because when i see photos at internet with iso 1600 or even higher they are almost 1-2 stops better than my results... :((

  • althought I don't use auto mode (so called GREEN MODE by Pentax leading creative INNOVATIVE team), my firends use if I give them for some occasions including to get shot my own pictures, iso tend to use high ISO in all conditions even with flash and without flash, like fixed to 3200 iso)

  • CAMERA IS EXTREMELY SLOW for the replay for RAW images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though not very critical issue, it is very much annoying after experienced Nikon!!

either I am living in very dark life, so camre is not able to fulfill my requirements, or PENATX has serious QC issues and is going by just some fans which doesn't want to spend too much money to heavy cameras and prime lenses from Nikona and Canon

other than above issues: camrea is just fine!
better auto white balance than Nikons
better color retention than Nikon 7000

faster low light autofocus than Nikond7000 (my Nikon was killing me with low light)

better menu, customeized shooting modes, shortcuts, and button places... easy and fast to use

so this is summary after one week!!!
I ask anybody to share with me their opinions about above...

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