e-pl2 red spot problem

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Tim in upstate NY
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Re: addendum

Jonas B wrote:

What that should, or could, settle it for you Tim is that the problem is unlikely to show up often. I'm pretty sure most users never will know there is a problem like this with the camera. Those noticing it will do it seldom enough not to care, or they will learn how to work around it (don't stop down more than necessary). In a few, or very few rather, cases the problem will be a real one.

So, that makes my reply above complete.

. . . If I had taken the time in that previous post, I might have added that those two sunset photos are examples of real life photography with excellent results and that this measurebating anxiety about those other photos linked in the OP's post is an unimportant concern for everyone who wants to be able to take good photos with this new camera. I'm glad to see you say as well that it's not important for most users in most situations which is also exactly right. We still don't have reliable evaluations of the E-PL2 from DPR and Imaging-Resource which may well uncover this specular highlights problem as being more important than I think it is and until then, I'm not buying this so called flaw as being anything more than an anomaly that won't be explained until it can be duplicated by others.

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