e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: That pretty much settles it for me

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Morpho Hunter wrote:


. . . Those two sunset photos show that this specular flare/artifact problem can not be duplicated when the E-PL2 is in the hands of a capable photographer. End of story.

Tim, this reply of yours is a low water mark. I don't get it.

First, the sun in the sunset images isn't exactly a small sharp pinpoint type of light source which we have seen cause the problem. Second, it doesn't matter who's taking the image. It's not like Chinese photographers make the camera behave worse than it does when a "capable" photographer handles it. All you are doing is insulting people, yourself included.

That's sad.

Maybe it's even worse than sad, I wonder if it is a sign of the ways this forum has taken since it once was started. I read a lot of posts these days being anything but open minded and thoughtful opinions one would like to meet.

I think I'm done for a while.


EDIT: Spelling...

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