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Re: Found : Metering in AI Servo diregards any tracked focus point

fpix wrote:

Topaz wrote:


This made me ask another question: for shooters who use back-button focus in One Shot focus mode, does evaluative metering link to the AF point?

Sorry, what do you mean by back-button focus ? AF-ON or AE-Lock?

Either one, since the 7D lets you customize both those buttons. I was referring to the common technique of disabling AF-start on the shutter button, and using any of the back buttons to start AF at a separate time. Anyway, what I was trying to point out was that I answered my own question, and the answer was "yes, it still links".

I guess this is why the AE Lock and AF-On buttons are right next to each other on the back of the camera...

Sorry again. I do not understand what you mean.

That comment was from another poster, but actually I do not get the point either.

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