e-pl2 red spot problem

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Re: Micro lens reflection?

kenw wrote:

Well, obviously I can only speculate and that is always fraught with peril!

That said, it looks and behaves a lot like you might expect from reflections off of the microlenses being re-reflected off the back

I am sort of failing, however, to adequately explain how the pattern is being magnified.

Anyway, just a thought.

Well, imo that is good thinking, also if not explaining everything it is something in the same line of what I'm thinking as well. The reflections may be bouncing around in a complicated way; perhaps first towards the AA filter and then there may be a second pattern in the background from reflections to and from the SSWF protective surface.

The size of the pattern is puzzling. I wish you had came up with something there., As I said in my first reply here, Olympus never got back to me on this back in 2007. Does that mean the mystery will never be solved?



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