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Re: Found : Metering in AI Servo diregards any tracked focus point

Thanks for appreciation, I am glad this may be useful.

As I said, I was quite sad to find this behavoir. I previously had 40D and was very unhappy with it's inconsistent evaluative metering, which brought me to learn the Zone System and use M/spot whenever possible. I was glad to observe that 7D has a much better evaluative metering in One Shot and automatically believed the same would apply in AI Servo, continuing to "emulate" One Shot via AF-ON released, camera being always in AI Servo, as usual.

In AI Servo the camera actually knows where the focus is, the algorithm is there already (used in One Shot) so there should be at least a Custom Function to allow evaluative metering linked to AF point as in One Shot. Would be nice to see it in a firmware upgrade, but I have no clue how we could bring this piece of information to Canon. I assume it is quite impossible. And I believe only few photographers are actually affected, most would not go in such details anyhow.

I believe I will completely abandon matrix metering. I'll stick to partial or CW with adequate AEC for action photo or M/spot (as in Zone System) whenever possible.

Just to mention:

I tested a D300 of a friend today. Not very thorrowly, but it seems matrix metering works the same (AF linked) both in Single Shot as in Continous Focusing mode...

Topaz wrote:


This made me ask another question: for shooters who use back-button focus in One Shot focus mode, does evaluative metering link to the AF point?

Sorry, what do you mean by back-button focus ? AF-ON or AE-Lock?

I guess this is why the AE Lock and AF-On buttons are right next to each other on the back of the camera...

Sorry again. I do not understand what you mean. Could you detail? Anyhow, I use AE-Lock for getting an additional focus point ("registered AF point"). AE Lock function is not worth a separate button. It is already implemented in One Shot, as explained in the link you kindy indicated.

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