Canon Utility - how to set it to take photos?

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Re: Canon Utility - how to set it to take photos?

BaiaZ wrote:


I have tried Canon Utility software to take photos. But I have heard that I can set it up to take photos like every 10TH minutes. But how do I do this?

It's very easy to set up.

1. Plug your camera into a USB port using the cable supplied, and turn it on.
2. Start EOS Utility on your computer.

3. In the middle of the screen you will see an icon with a clock face on it. Click on that.
4. Apply whichever settings you require.

5. Note the advice to use AC power for camera and computer, and to turn of power saving on the computer (i.e. don't let the computer hibernate or go into standby mode). The 'readme.txt' file that comes with the EOS Utility installation has some cautionary notes about recovering from the computer's standby mode while the camera is connected.

Connecting the camera to AC power should not be essential if you have a well-charged battery and are not planning on doing interval shots for a prolonged period.

As the previous post said, the information you need is on page 53 of the EOS Utility manual (for version 2.9 this is EU2.9W_E_00.pdf.

Hope this helps.

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